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About – Faqs

After many years online we have decided to redo the website into the tube format. The new layout just makes it so much easier to quickly find the content you are interested in .

Our site features the hottest Bikini contest ,wet t-shirt,beauty contest,thong models,biker babe contests,bike week bikini contests. We also have the latest paparatzi videos of celebrity bikinis from TV movies ,red carpet ,club,beach,and vacation locations.

One new feature is the rating system that allows users to vote on the favorite new videos.Now visitors can see what are the most popular new videos .the search function quickly finds just the kind of videos you are looking for .All of the old videos are still here.

They are in the category videos, however they may show up in a search without a sample thumb photos…However,they are still archived so if you click ,they will play in the large video player normally.So check it out ! and thanks for visiting.